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GRIBA offers following publication opportunities :

Conference Proceedings:

Option One: Electronic and/Hard Copy

All accepted papers and abstract will be published as per choice of the author (s), via dedicated website. There is also for hard copy in USB/pen-drive). Our proceedings includes ISBN will be s linked to Google Scholar.

Option Two: Publication of Proceedings by Elsevier

We are negotiating with Elsevier – an international publishing house which publishes world’s leading journals (with high impact factor and ranking with A or A*and indexed by ISI and Scopus) to publish your paper via their Procedia journal. This is not journal in the real sense of the term but it follows all the style of being a journal . It is an online collection of high quality conference proceedings published by the International publisher Elsevier.

This proceedings will be published in a dedicated issue on Science Direct, world’s leading full-text scientific database offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and more than 11,000 books

  • Free access to all users
  • Short lead times – they will publish your proceedings online in just 6 weeks of the acceptance of the final manuscripts
  • Authors keep full copyright over papers published in Procedia


If you want to publish your paper as proceedings paper through Elsevier you must comply to the following:

    1. You must pay US$300 as submission fee.
    2. You must edit and submit the paper as per their submission and editorial guidelines. If you fail to comply to any of their requirements or guidelines or if your paper is not published by them for any reason, you cannot blame us and your money will not be refunded.

Please read every word of the following link of Elsevier before you select this option:

  1. We need have at least 30 papers to include in each volume of the Procedia and if we have less than 30 papers for Peocedia, we will refund your money but US$50 will be deducted as administration and remittance fee.

If there is successful outcome of this negotiations, we will let you know via our website. You continue to watch our websites.

Publication in Journals

We intend to team up with publisher such as Elsevier, Sage Emerald, Zant World Press, Cambridge Scholars and other publishers to support your publication in ranked and international journals indexed by Scopus, ISI, ABDC, SCI, CABELL’s , ULRICH’s with high impact factors.

Partners in Publication

ASSBRI established partnership relation with the following institutions:

  • American Research and Publication International, USA
  • London Academic Research and Publications Limited
  • Research and Publications International, Bangladesh
  • Global Institute of Science and Technology, Australia
  • Zant World Press, Australia

We intend to join Social Science Research Network (SSRN) of USA as Partner in Publication..