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World Business and Social Science Research Conference

9th Dec, 2016 – 10th Dec, 2016

Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Editor: Mr. Tanzil Hoque, Australian Social Sciences and Business Research Institute, Australia

Published by: Australian Social Sciences and Business Research Institute

P O Box 33, Webb Street Post, Oiice Narre Waren, Melbourne, Australia.

ISBN: 978-1-925488-22-7


Copyright © 2015 by the above publisher. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the concerned author and/or the ASSBRI


These proceedings are organised under the following tracks:

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Social Sciences


World Business and Social Science Research Conference

How To Find Your Paper?

Papers contained in these proceedings are refereed papers as they are double blind peer reviewed. The readers are advised to click on individual track names (say Management) and then select the paper by the paper number, title and or author (s). We have tried to minimize the errors but sole responsibility rests on the author(s) concerned. In some cases, we have provided "abstract" only as per instruction of the concerned author(s). We hope these papers would serve as the most valuable materials for business research only and no materials should be used or manipulated for any purpose other than purely academic research. We appreciate the contribution of the author(s) and our editorial staff who worked relentlessly to make the conference an outstanding success.

Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
104 Role of Board Structure and Audit Committee on Earnings Informativeness: Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange Shakira Mahzabeen View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
602 The Customer’s Perceptions of Islamic Bank in Jabodetabek Region Edy Supriyadi View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
204 Backshoring: Research Trends and Future Directions Yumei Li, Hui Tan and Baichuan Sang View & Download
208 The Impact of Expo 2020 on the Demand for Electricity in Dubai: Economics, Estimation, & Forecast Abdulkarim Ali Dahan View & Download
211 Inflation Threshold in Vietnam and Financial Stability’s Implication To Kim Ngoc and Nguyen Khuong Duy View & Download
213 Land Tenure Regularization in Rwanda: Socio-economic Impacts on Poor Households in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas Hossain Ahmed Taufiq View & Download
216 An Efficiency Analysis of Conventional and Organic Arabica Coffee Production in Chiang Mai Province Maliwan Siriwanna and Roengchai Tansuchat View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
305 Information Asymmetry, Earning Management and Dividend Policy: A Panel Study of Zombie Enterprises in China Yi-Chang Chen, Jiedan Huang, Manqi Jiang and Zimian Chen View & Download
308 Portfolio Optimization Technical Analysis for Gold, Oil and Asia-Pacific Emerging Market Stock Index Return Onrawee Ladalalitsakul View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
406 A Comparison of Total Factor Productivity Change of International Sea Ports in Thailand Thanyaporn Wiriya, Chukiat Chaiboonsri and Anuphak Saosaovaphak View & Download
408 A Multiple Level Causal Model of Organizational Change Success Mahmoud A. Elgamal View & Download
412 Social Entrepreneurship: The Role of Big Five Personalities on Start Up Intention ShakilaYasmin and IreenAkhter View & Download
418 Service Quality Evaluation in Higher Secondary School Rajat Singh, Aseem Tyagi, Archit Gupta, Dhananjay Khanna and Pankaj Deshwal View & Download
419 Local Sustainable Development Approach in Thai Business Natika Chaiyanupong, Arno Immelman and Kedsarapan Kaikaew View & Download
421 A Framework for Measuring Firm-Level Competitiveness Shakila Yasmin and Md. Mohiuddin View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
505 A Study on Necessity of System for Mediating Transactions of a Mobile Gift Certificate Sung-Jae Jung, Yu-Mi Bae, Kwang-Yong Lee and Jae-Ung Lee View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
701 Quality in Teaching-Learning Strategies at Higher Education Institutions: An Evaluation Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Anita Medhekar and Vichayanan Rattanawiboonsom View & Download
703 Caste System in India: A Unique Wisdom to Resolve Problems like Barter, Distribution and Unemployment Naba Kumar Adak View & Download
704 The Contradictions in Marx’s theory of Capitalist Exploitation i.e. the Expropriation of Surplus Value/ Labor/ Wages Naba Kumar Adak View & Download